If you need police assistance immediately, call 911. This office is not a police agency.

Contact Information

Dane County District Attorney’s Office
Dane County Courthouse
215 S. Hamilton St. #3000
Madison WI 53703-3297

Phone: (608) 266-4211
Fax: (608) 267-2545
Email: danecoda@da.wi.gov

Please note we are prohibited in responding to legal questions or providing legal advice. We also cannot refer you to a lawyer. If you are represented by a lawyer, we are unable to communicate with you regarding your criminal case. Your attorney should contact our office on your behalf.

All phone numbers have a (608) area code.

Court Cancellation Line 266-4456
Criminal Traffic FAX 267-2545
Crime Response Program – Office: 211 S. Carroll St. #202 Madison WI 53703 284-6908
Crime Response Program – Pager 376-2630
Crime Response FAX 267-4112
Deferred Prosecution Program: 211 S. Carroll St. #212 Madison WI 53703 284-6896
Deferred Prosecution FAX 266-4687
Domestic Violence Unit 266-9003
Domestic Violence FAX 261-9766
Juvenile Unit FAX 266-5264
Safe Harbor 661-9787
Safe Harbor FAX 441-8793
Victim Witness Unit 266-9003
Victim Witness Unit FAX 261-9766